Hotel Goloritze

Murru family is pleased to welcome you to its hotel.

The Hotel Goloritzè opens its doors for the first time to drive you through the beauties of Baunei on your journey.
Our hotel is the result of a renovation of a 60s building: the original limestone walls were brought to light and the rest was shaped following our simple country tradition. The materials used such as limestone, granite and juniper come all from our territory, the furniture and the textile part were created by the skilled hands of local artisans.
Hotel Goloritzè is located in Baunei, on the east coast of Sardinia, where the sea and the mountains meet them in a spectacular combination. Baunei is a small village that, in addition to natural beauty, comes alive with festivals and typical events that you won’t be able to miss.
The hotel is located in a very quiet and easily accessible area, on the road to the Golgo Plateau and the famous coves, including Cala Goloritzè from which our Hotel takes its name. With a short walk you can easily reach the historic center, restaurants and trattorias where you can taste the typical Sardinian cuisine.


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