The Plateau of Golgo

After driving the 8 km panoramic road from baunei to the plateau what is most surprising is the contrast between the white limestone and the dark basalt. There are various attractions.

La Voragine (Su Sterru)

It is of karst originand goes down for 270 m underground.

As Piscinas

Basalt tanks of stagnation of water that probably in prehistoric times were used as a place of worship.

La chiesetta di San Pietro

This seventeenth-century church has a white façade and stands out between stone and vegetation.


Coa ‘e Serra, Orgoduri and Alvo are the remains of imposing fortresses that in nuragic times were guarding our territory
The nuragic wells and the anthropomorphic betilo are located near the church and are other signs of the presence of the man during the nuragic period.

La Faccia litica

A basalt wall that, thanks to the erosion of the atmospheric agents, has a surprising anthropomorphism.